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2.5 Security Precautions

As the NOTE protocol is in the initial stages of development, certain limitations are enforced for security purposes.

  • Replace-by-Fee (RBF) is forbidden. For inputs adhering to the NOTE protocol and not having the maximum potential value (0xffffffff), indexers should enforce a ban.
  • Priority by Block: Transactions are processed based on the sequence they are incorporated into blocks. In the event of a block reorganization, the block hash is updated. The security of transactions is underpinned by Bitcoin node.
  • The Principle of Foreseeing: Transactions entering the mempool are promptly identified by indexers, enabling the advance notification to wallets and other client interfaces about invalid transactions to save on unnecessary fees.
  • Notification of Transactions: Owing to the foresight principle, wallets and other clients are advised to use indexers for transaction broadcasting or to conduct node broadcasts in parallel.