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4.1 Deployment

Tokens are deployed using the specified format below.

"p": "n20",
"op": "deploy",
"tick": "note",
"max": "21000000",
"lim": "1000",
"sch": "9fd761f.... ....0a28"
... ...
pYesProtocol: Aids in the identification and processing of N20 actions by other systems. Not sensitive to capitalization.
opYesOperation: Specifies the type of action being taken (Deploy, Mint, Transfer). Not sensitive to capitalization.
tickYesTicker: An identifier consisting of letters, limited to 16 bytes. Not sensitive to capitalization. Cannot be deployed if a ticker with the identical name exists.
maxYesBigint, Max Supply: Establishes the maximum amount of N20 that can be supplied. An entry of 0 indicates no supply limit.
limNoBigint, Mint Limit: Sets a restriction per note if users are permitted to mint for themselves.
decNoInt, Decimals: Determines the number of decimal places, with a default setting of 8.
schNoSmart Contract Hash: The SHA256 hash value of a contract stored off-chain.
codeNoCode of the Smart Contract:

For action verification, the indexer retrieves the smart contract code contained within the "code" field. Only the actions verified are eligible for inclusion by the indexer. In cases where the contract code is not supplied, the hash value of the code must be provided in the "sch" field, allowing the data indexer to locate and validate the contract code. Absence of the "sch" field results in no verification process.