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4.2 Distribution (Mint)

Minting is specified as per the data structure outlined below.

"p": "n20",
"op": "mint",
"tick": "note",
"amt": "1000"
... ...
pYesProtocol: Facilitates the identification and processing of N20 actions by other systems. Not sensitive to capitalization.
opyesOperation: Type of active (deploy, mint, transfer, burn)
tickYesTicker: An identifier consisting of letters, limited to 16 bytes. Not sensitive to capitalization. Cannot be deployed if a ticker with the same name exists.
amtYesAmount to Mint: Defines the quantity of N20 to be minted. If "lim" is defined, the amount must be lower than that limit.

Minting actions must undergo contract verification if a smart contract was established during the deployment phase.