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NoteProtocol v2.0 Draft is out

· One min read

🚀 Exciting update from our team: We’ve crafted a #Bitcoin protocol, tailored for #UTXO-based blockchains. This protocol not only allows for the creation of tokens and NFTs but also integrates optional data #encryption, #SmartContracts, and #DID definitions, all under the MIT License.

🔬 The first segment has been successfully tested on #BTC, #RXD, and #BSV networks. The #NFT/#Token/Indexer features are nearing completion, with a January release following thorough validation to ensure a high-security standard.

🌍 As we move forward, we’re inviting the community to contribute to this evolving project. Our goal is to establish a protocol committee of contributors, dedicated to promoting and enhancing the protocol, ensuring it serves the global Bitcoin community effectively.

🔧 Your input is vital in this journey of innovation and collaboration. We’re here to support projects leveraging this protocol, fostering a secure and dynamic blockchain ecosystem.

🔔 Stay connected for detailed updates and be part of shaping the future of blockchain technology. #BlockchainEngineering #BitcoinProtocol #DecentralizedInnovation #OpenSourceFuture

Happy New Year everyone!