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Ecosystem and Community


We are committed to building a robust ecosystem to support everything you need while experiencing Bitcoin smart contract products and developing according to the NOTE protocol. Here are some resources we recommend:

Wallet Software

  • NoteWallet: NoteWallet is an open-source command-line wallet that supports both BTC mainnet and testnet. It demonstrates functionalities such as contract code upload, contract deployment, token mining, and transaction transfers. Its code showcases many technical details of the NOTE protocol and serves as a minimalist Bitcoin wallet, supporting various address formats and illustrating the complete process from UTXO to transaction construction. #TypeScript #OpenSource
  • ChainBow Wallet: ChainBow Wallet is a smart mobile Bitcoin wallet app for iOS/Android, designed according to the BIP44 standard. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies, mainnet and testnet, allows multiple wallets creation within the app, and each wallet supports multiple addresses. The interface offers multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese, and English, with light and dark themes. The built-in DAPP browser is very powerful, and the app is currently in the testing phase. #iOS #Android #DApp
  • NOTE Market Wallet: NOTE Market Wallet is an open-source browser plugin wallet that supports Chrome/Firefox browsers. Its code is forked from the UniSat browser plugin wallet, maintaining consistent product quality and user experience. It supports BTC mainnet and testnet, allows multiple wallet creation, and supports DAPP. #Chrome #FireFox #DApp
  • pyNoteWallet: pyNoteWallet is a command-line wallet written in Python, compatible with the TypeScript version, making it easier for Python developers to understand the NOTE protocol and the Bitcoin transaction process. #Python #OpenSource

DEX Decentralized Exchanges

  • NoteMarket: NoteMarket is the first decentralized exchange market for the NOTE protocol, supporting BTC mainnet, allowing direct trading of NOTE UTXO from wallet addresses, and providing UTXO splitting functionality. #DEX
  • UtxoExchange: UtxoExchange is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange market supporting BTC mainnet and testnet, offering locked coin trading without affecting wallet usage, direct order posting without UTXO splitting, testnet token trading, and mining rewards for transactions, significantly reducing most transaction fees. #DEX
  • Satsx: The earliest trading website providing OTC trading for NOTE. #Discontinued

Blockchain Explorer

  • Explorer: Explorer is a blockchain explorer customized for the NOTE protocol. It allows users to view address balances, block heights, transaction statuses, and details. It supports both BTC mainnet and testnet. Besides being a regular balance query tool, it is an essential tool for developers. #BlockchainExplorer

Development Tools

  • sCrypt: sCrypt is an advanced Bitcoin smart contract language. Its compiler can compile into native Bitcoin opcodes. It provides necessary documentation, a VSCode plugin, and development and testing tools, with numerous code examples available on GitHub. The NOTE protocol uses it for off-chain contract development, eliminating the need to learn all the concepts. #Compiler #DevelopmentTools #Examples

Open Source Code Examples

  • scryptdemo: scryptdemo is the first contract code example, providing templates for development and testing. Developers can use it as a basis for their projects. #OpenSource #SmartContract
  • scrypt-verify: scrypt-verify is the off-chain contract verification code for the NOTE protocol. It is based on scryptlib and provides Satoshi Nakamoto's original BVM for contract verification. #OpenSource #SmartContract
  • N20 Connect: N20 Connect is a frontend wallet connection library for the Bitcoin ecosystem, similar to Wallet Connect. It currently supports several wallets, including UniSat, NoteMarketWallet, and ChainBow Wallet. It provides convenience for DApp development.#Utility #Example #OpenSource
  • Your Code: We look forward to more developers open-sourcing their code to help more people understand the NOTE protocol.

Data Services

  • UrChain: UrChain is a professional blockchain infrastructure platform providing data services for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, supporting UTXO queries and transaction broadcasting. Through its API, it offers blockchain access for wallets and DEX services. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and both mainnet and testnet. #Infura #DataServices


  • NOTE.SV: NOTE.SV is a password and encrypted note management software. It encrypts content according to the NOTE protocol and stores it on the blockchain. Each note is encrypted with a different private key, distributed across blockchain nodes worldwide, ensuring secure and permanent content storage. NOTE.SV was the earliest application of the NOTE protocol, with its design inspiring the protocol's creation. #Application #RealWorld
  • Your Project: We look forward to your projects, showcasing how blockchain can transform lives and work.

Other Tools

  • Balance Inquiry: A token address balance inquiry tool. The unit of measurement is Zhang = 1000 tokens.
  • NoteMinter: NoteMinter is a dedicated tool for mining NOTE tokens, written in Go. #Go #OpenSource
  • Testnet One-Click Token Issuance: A testnet one-click token issuance website. Many testnet tokens have been deployed using this site. #Utility

How to Participate


Welcome to join our community! We highly encourage you to ask questions, share your experiences and ideas, and interact with other users. You can join our community through the following ways:

  • X: We have a community on X where you can interact with other users, get help, or discuss projects. Please visit X Community for more information. You can also follow the Chief Contributor on Twitter for content in Chinese.
  • GitHub: We maintain a repository on GitHub where you can submit issues, report bugs, or contribute code. Please visit GitHub Repository for more information.
  • Discord: We have a community server on Discord where you can interact with other users, get help, or discuss projects. Please visit Discord Server for more information. -- Telegram: We have a community group on Telegram where you can interact with other users, get help, or discuss projects. Please visit Telegram Group for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in your journey with Note Protocol!